Very happy with it

“Colouring my cat’s painting by #s is so special and fun. Will turn more photos to this. So satisfying”

REally special

“Selected by myself, paint by myself. It feels completely different.”


“Hardly stop while painting it. Fully immersed. Brushes, canvas and the paints worth the price.”

For my baby’s BD!!

“100 days of having this angel is an absolute blessing. No better gift can be so meaningful and memorable than doing a painting for her!! Choosing a simple photo makes it easier. Finished this in few hours only.”

Very satisfied

“Exactly what I expected”

Very realistic

“How cool my cat is!!!”

More than enough paint pods

“Very quick to finish it. A very special and meaningful gift to me and my partner.”


“I started painting from the two white horses and then finished all in one week. Anyone who saw it was shocked hahah. such a unique decoration in my house. Definitely will do more.”

Time stopped

“Didn’t feel much but a few hours passed. Very entertaining, focused and looking good! It is just brilliant!”

Loving it!

“Had it done in 4 days. Can’t wait to hang it up.”

Is it alright?!

“Paint it for ten hours in one day!! Haha”

Dying for the result

“Made it for my partner. Only took me four days. He lovesssittt.”

The design is great

“Size’s good, packed well and carefully. Shipped fast. Overall it’s good really like it. So far so good hope  to see the finished!”

The forth i bought

“Caught the sunshine, I love the afternoon. Customized painting by nbrs, the inner happiness of coloring gaps. Happy and decompressed. Love it so much.”

Satisficed buyer

“When fixing the canvas to the inner frame, experienced a feeling of being an profession oil painter. Was worried about the result but it turned out to be fab.”

Fall in love with customizing PBN

“Love it so so much. Will buy again!”

I’ve bought several. Found my inner peace.

All aspects are good. Beginners can start painting from a simple one and from light colors to dark colors as if you paint wrongly, it’s better to modify them, and the color connection won’t be very abrupt. People with no artistic experience can certainly paint.

Bought 4 my bff

“AHHH Looks really nice. His favorite footballer. Neymar.”

Colors are quite close to real

“Like it so much. Worth buying”